Spring to Summer outfit

Today was very nice because we were blessed to have a good sunlight. Usually at this time of the year, we have a lot of thunderstorms.

We took the chance to take some shots at the backyard with our princess with her outfit for her picture day at school.

This outfit is very nice because you can wear them at the park or at the beach… simply an outdoor weather outfit. It looks refreshing to the eyes. The material for this is very comfortable for a warm weather.

NOV_4637 NOV_4635 NOV_4628 NOV_4622

top and pants from target

Eye wear from Rayban

accessories from HM

Sandals from Calvin Klein

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How to start losing weight

Take This No junk food for 21 day challenge:

Start disciplining yourself refraining from junk foods to start. Then you add some exercise so that when you start losing weight (fat) you will be toned. So when people notice your weight loss, you will not look like as if you came from a sickness that’s why you lost weight.

You shouldn’t be eating these food for 21 days.

No chocolate
No candy
No biscuits or cookies
No cake. Doughnuts or muffins
No pastries
No white bread
No chips
No fast food
No carbonated beverages
No ice cream

I’ve done this during Lent because I was thinking on what to give up (like a sacrifice) for That time. I thought that this will be a good one since all these food is what makes my day. Can you imagine it is like changing your lifestyle.

I was able to do it even more than 21 days because Lenten season is 40 days.

Right after the challenge, I was so eager to eat those junk foods that I missed. But when I tasted them. I said to myself, I really can live without them. Now, I just eat them every once in a while unlike before that I really have to have them.

I did a lot of good things on me. I lost some weight (fat), I lost my cravings on these type of food.

So if you are that person who is trying to get rid of some fats from your body and is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Now is the time to do this challenge. It is only 21 days. You will never know how strong and disciplined you are until you try this.

I challenge you! Let me hear from you once you start doing this challenge.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

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Teacher’s Appreciation Week

It is teacher’s appreciation week and Adi’s school has a lot of activities for it. It’ll be her first time participating in it. They have things to do for each day that made it exciting for my 4 year old turning 5 in a week.

I remember back home (Philippines)that this is really a big thing in school. We had different programs for our teacher. We’d buy flowers and cards for them. Specially to my favorite one, I’ll give her something extra because she was like a mom to me. I look up to her because she is not even teaching us school stuff but also something’s to look into about life.

And here is the break down of activities they have in school this week.

This week has been a good one for Adi. I always ask her what they did in school everything she gets home. She was excited telling us about what they did in school for the teachers.

Having a lot of friends who are school teacher’s including my father in law makes me appreciate them more. Because I can see all theiir effort and how much time they spend at home working on their lesson plans, grades, buying stuff for their students with their own money most of the time.

I consider them as our second parents outside from home. Because in school there is where we go and stay most of the day. Those teachers just don’t teach you, they also look after their students well being.

This is a very noble job and they should be proud of it. I myself learn a lot from them when I was growing up.

My daughter learned a lot appreciating all other people’s effort specially her teachers.

To all the teachers out there. We salute you! All of you have been a part of all our success stories. Whatever we know now, you’re a part of our foundation.

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Mother’s Day Giveaway!!!

Free Simply Christianne earrings and bracelets up for grabs!!!

If your a mom, you have a mom and knows a special mom then you can sign up to receive these. I am giving away earrings or bracelet, just choose between the two. They are not precious stones but what made them special is that they were made by yours truly. I will only be giving away 5 pieces…

So if you live within the USA. Just email me your address and send a me message what makes this mom special to iannemcabangon@gmail.com and I will send it to you via regular mail using USPS. Favor, once you receive the mail, can you take a picture of it And they will be featuring them under my blog together with the message you sent about her.

I came up with this idea because I was approached by my co worker to fix her bracelets. She knows I can fix because I made a bunch of earrings and bracelets for them at work. Just for nothing, just thought about them and it was my hobby too.

The broken bracelet.
The broken bracelet.
It is fixed now.
It is fixed now.

That bracelet has a sentimental value for her since it was given by her friend. And because I am a jack of all trade, master on none, lol! I said yes.

I was able to fix it and gave it to her. That put on a smile on her face. No charge!!

Just spreading the good vibes here. Since Mother’s Day is coming up.

I would like to cheer up all those hardworking mom’s out there.

Happy Mother’s Day in advance!



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What we learn in Mexico?

It is gonna be summer time before you know it. The reason why I wanna blog about this. Just to give you guys an idea on where to head for the season.

And being it Cinco de Mayo today. We learned that was the Mexican victory over French men.

Coming to Cancun, Mexico was the most relaxing vacation we have been too as a family. We really enjoyed it!!

We went there September 2014 for my birthday. Since it is off peak I was able to book it on a cheaper price. Since that is the start of the hurricane season for the Caribbean.

NOV_2924 NOV_2904 NOV_2888

If you will be traveling with kids. There are a lot of choices of hotels where you can choose from. I suggest get the all inclusive ones so you do not have to pay for anything that you wanna eat in the hotel for the rest of your stay there.

We stayed at Grand Oasis palm, this hotel is family friendly. The staff was nice and helpful. The food was good and the good about our stash there was. Mexico was celebrating their Independence Day. We have the same birthday!! So the hotel had a feast and they had different shows for the guest and some free stuff.



Another reason why I chose Cancun was because we can do a side trip to see the Chichen Itza, one of the 7 wonders of the world. It was in my bucket list.






Before our trip, I already booked everything online as far as the transportation And the tour guide. I booked it using orbitz and chose the grayline. They have a very helpful and friendly staff. And they are always on time. Their vans were very convenient to ride on. It was so convenient specially we were traveling with our kids. They give free bottled water too.

The travel time from Cancun to the Chichen Itza was 3 hours back and forth. So be prepared for that ride if you wish to go there. We were able to hear the stories about the Mayans. Which became very famous for that 2012 prediction end of the world.

It was such a nice experience. It was like an educational field trip for us visiting the Mayan ruins. The beach was of course relaxing. They have different restaurants there to choose from. They also have the kids club where you can leave your kids if you wanna stroll with your partner. They also have baby sitters if you prefer that. We just had our daughter stayed at the kids club. She really enjoyed it because there were a lot of kids too.

I recommend this trip if you are planning to have some getaway with your family, specially if you will be traveling with kids.

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Head piece for my little Princess

As I have said earlier that dressing up is our mother-daughter bonding. Yesterday we went to the outlet mall at HM because we were looking for an outfit for her Cinco de Mayo presentation. I came across this flower head piece and I tried it on her. She loved it, so I bought it.

I just wanna share to you all how it looks like on her. This is a good accessories for this season.

Head piece from HM.

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Summer in Spring Maxi dress

Yesterday was definitely like a summer weather. Since we will be going to church. I was like okay I should dress up. Just like how our priest at church says. Treat church day as a special occasion where you dress up good.

So I went ahead and checked my closet and found this maxi dress, I thought this one will go good with my oversized handbag. Just like a rearguard mom where you have to take all other kids stuff with you because you have a 20 month old son.

It all worked out. Details of my outfit below. You can also check out other photos on my instagram account @simplychristianne

Maxi dress- ross
Watch – Michael kors
Handbag – liujo
Sandals – American eagle outfitters

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Dress for my little princes

My daughter Adi is a girly girly like me, she loves dressing up and posing too. She liked this outfit that I picked for her. This is our bonding, because we sometimes brainstorm on what she would wear.

So here is the look and the details. You can also check my instagram account @simplychristianne

dress – oldnavy (this was a Christmas gift from one of her aunt)
Sandals – Target

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Do want a unique dining experience for Mother’s Day?

Want a Unique dining experience for Mother’s Day?

If you are close to these areas:
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore/Washington D.C.
Beuna Park, CA
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Lyndhurst, NJ
Myrtle Beach, SC
Orlando, FL
Toronto, Ontario
this will be my suggestion for Mother’s Day dinner.

My husband and I went to Medieval times for our post Valentine’s date. We had an amazing time watching those knights with their horses. It was a live fun action scene while we were enjoying the dinner food in our table. You’ll feel like as if you are actually living in that era.

This dining experience is not only for Valentine’s day. So if you are looking for something new to treat mom. I’m suggesting go ahead and reserve this opportunity at www.midievaltimes.com.

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fickle weather outfit

Since today was a cold spring day. This outfit was very approriate to wear. I wore this 3 months ago. Good for a gloomy 50 something temperature day.

2015-05-01 23.46.05

Sweater from HM, Pants from Mossimo at Target, shoes from Guess and necklace from charlotte Russe, tote bag and watch from Michael kors.

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