Striped Maxi Dress for 4th of July


Happy First of July Everyone! Let us start this month right. To begin with, I thought of striped maxi dress that can be worn for the 4th of July, you just have to add a touch red. It maybe your nail polish or accessories. As for me, I put on the red nail polish to complete the look.

It is not a typical 3 colored red, white and blue thing. It has an added orange twist that makes this look refreshing for the summer. I wore this dress when we went to Cancun last September for my birthday. I must say it is also a nice beach companion.

You can still find similar styles from bloomingdales.

Dress – Bloomingdales
Sandals – Target (mossimo)
Bracelet – got it from the shark reef at Mandalay Bay as a souvenir.
Handbag – Coach
Nail polish – Forever 21



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Another Idea for Summer Fun: Mother and Daughter Ice Skating


I just wanna share to all of you our mother and daughter bonding last Saturday. It was a good idea for summer. I always thought that it will only be nice to do that in the winter. I was so wrong, I definitely recommend this for summer specially with the hot weather. Nice to cool down and when you glide in the ice it was relaxing.

My daughter and I together with out friends had a blast. It was impromptu, not planned at all, but that makes it more fun.

My friend texted me late around 8pm asking if me if we want to join them for ice skating. The place is just 5 minutes away from home. So I was like, sure why not not. That is also what I like with my friends, they can come up with fun activities just like that. The rink was open for public for $6 per person from 8-10 pm, not bad right?

Since my husband worked that night, it was be a good opportunity for my daughter and I to have a girls night out. You might be wondering about my son. He is too young to be going to an ice skating rink. I don’t want him to catch a cold so I asked my mom to watch him. Really thankful for my mom being with us for a while.

So I told my daughter that we are going to meet our friends at the ice skating rink. She was already excited. It always gives me a good feeling that I am making my children happy. I know all parents feel the same way. She has no idea what ice skating is but you can already see the happiness in her eyes. what I like with my daughter whatever things be it a very simple kiss and hug, she really appreciates it.

As we got to the Ice Skating rink, her two girlfriends where already there skating. My friends, their mom (my friends) was there watching them from the side, like stage mommies. But Since this will be my daughter’s first ice skating experience. I went with her in the rink, it also brought the child in me, I must admit. That was my second time to be on ice.

I know how to use the roller blades and skates that is why it was automatic for me to use the ice skates. I did not need the walker. Adi used the walker, if that is what it is called, not sure. And her friend was assisting her too. Oh you can see the joy in their face. They were really having fun.

To recap it all, after the ice skating session, went out at the lobby and gathered all the summer courses they have. Adi wanted me to enrol her since she is on summer vacation for gymnastics class.

And this is not only for friends, mothers and daughter, this is for everybody. I hope I was able to give another fun idea for this summer beating the heat. Just make sure to bring sweater and socks with you so you don’t freeze inside.

Have a great and blessed week ahead.



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How To Get Lean Plan

Not everybody has the luxury of time to read a whole book. So I decided to give you a break down of what I have learned by reading Lisa Roberts book about Lean Muscle Diet: A Comprehensive Diet And Workout Plan in Building Lean Muscle

Like what I have been saying over my previous blogs regarding a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and regular exercises is the key (you should be lifting weights too).

To start with you gotta have these food. (Excerpts from lean Muscle Diet book)
If you wanna get the full details on why each of these food can give you lean muscle you can find it in her book.
Brown rice
Ezekial 4:9 bread
Greek yogurt
Organic cottage cheese
Organic milk

Here is the meal plan sample Lisa Roberts have in her book.

2 eggs (whole/hard boiled)
8 egg whites
1 full cup of oatmeal
1 pc of fruit

Mid morning snack:
Protein shake
Handful of almonds

1 cup of rice
Chicken breast
A bowl of garden salad

Mid afternoon Snack:
Protein rich snack (hard boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds or mixed nuts)

BBQ steak
Baked potato
A cup of steamed veggies

Before bed snack:
Handful of almonds (preferably raw)
A cup of cottage cheese

Take note: Everything has to be in moderation as I always say, too little or too much of everything is bad or it will just defeat the purpose. Also be careful when eating nuts because too much of it in your diet might increase your uric acid and it can lead to gout. As what had happened to me and my husband. We went over the regular serving per day. We ate too much of it plus we have been drinking soy milk on top of it. When we had the lab works done, it was way over the normal values and we can feel our big toe hurting.

If you have some medical condition going on, before trying any workouts. Ask your doctor first. And also do workout and incorporate weight lifting. I already did this (eating this lean muscle diet and following nike training app using the Get Lean program) for like 3-4 weeks and I lost inches and my muscle was better. I must admit that I have been slacking lately because being a mom. It is hard to be consistent.

This coming July I will start a series of my workout and an update of my meal plan to be able to help and be an inspiration to all of you out there. I will set a goal and a target date and will talk about it every week on the blog if I am making progress. Who is with me on this one? Let’s make it happen. Be my workout buddy!

Also, You can get Lisa Roberts book from amazon kindle. It was very simple yet helpful to start with.

Eat healthy and exercise, drink plenty of water and have enough rest.

Health is wealth.



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Summer Stripes for Summer Vibes


I had a very refreshing weekend so I decided to wear this very refreshing outfit, spreading positive vibes. I got this dress online, it really looks good in the picture so I bought. I fell in love with it right away when it came in the mail. The detail and the fabric is very good for a hot sunny weather, just perfect for summer. To top it all, this dress is less than $20, isn’t it a great deal?

I created to different styles with the same dress just by changing shoes and a handbag. Two refreshing look for all of you who loves wearing heels and for the ladies who simply wants to wear flats.


Dress –
Ankle strap heels – Charlotte Russe
Flat shoes – Ferragamo
Yellow Jelly handbag – Furla
Saffiano handbag – Prada
Statement necklace – Charlotte Russe
Watch – Michael Kors
Sunglasses – Forever 21

Photos : Job Novel (my hubby)



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Tips on Enjoying Theme Park/Water Park with Family without costing you a Fortune


This works for theme parks with season passes.

This is the season for most of the us to visit theme parks/water parks. The weather is nice and sunny. But for me it is better to go to the theme park late spring and early fall. It is not crowded and weather is just right, not too hot.

We are just so lucky to be living close to a theme park. It is only 25 mins away from us plus our family loves going to water park/theme park. It has been a tradition for us that every year we get the season passes.

Here is how you can save. First check the theme parks website you are going to visit and see what they offer.

This works for a group of 2 or more people who wants to visit the theme park frequently check out my suggestion below.

So you love going to theme parks/water parks so it is suitable and cost effective to get a season pass it is ranging around $65-75 and it can be payable for 12 months, get the one with free parking every visit. You can visit the park everyday if you want and their other parks in the USA if in case you will be traveling. See if they offer a bring a friend days where you can bring a friend for free like Six Flags.

Another trick, if you are family of four and only intend to go to the park once a month, get a season pass for 2 people only then just use the bring a friend for free on days they have it to save (for six flags).

Food can also be expensive so if you are a group of adults you can purchase a season pass for food so you don’t have to pay every visit. They also have tumblers where you buy once and free refills or pay $.99 per refill. But if you have kids, it will be better to do like a tailgating. Bring your own food and eat at the parking lot. Bring your chairs there.

You got to the saving part. Now time to enjoy your visit to the park.

Plan your trip by checking the weather. most important. Always bring extra clothes because some rides will get you wet. And if you are going to the water park you have to bring in change of clothes anyways. Don’t forget to bring sunblocks, swimsuit, plastic bag for your wet clothes, wear comfortable shoes, sunglasses and hat. But do not wear them when you’re riding rides. I suggest wear sleeveless because you’ll be most likely under the sun, you don’t want to have a T-shirt tan lines.

Have fun, Enjoy Summer. I hope I was able to give you helpful tips on having fun and saving.



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Little White Dress

NOV_4823 NOV_4824 NOV_4828 NOV_4829 NOV_4832 NOV_4833

It is officially the first day of Summer! Aren’t you glad about it? A lot of great outdoor adventure for all of us or even it is just a BBQ at the backyard. It really matters a lot for us here living in the East coast. I just want to share to all of you this little white dress that I scored from Ross. If you were following what I have posted on my blog. This dress is connected to the Wardrobe Malfunction post that I share few weeks ago. That dress, I was able to return and I just added few bucks and got me this dress.

It is a good combination to wear black pumps and handbag. I felt like I was Taylor Swift walking around. That inspired me to put on the red lipstick. Now it is time to get some tan!

Enjoy your summer everyone!


Dress – Ross ($16.99)

handbag – Furla

Black Pumps – Ferragamo

Accessories – Old Navy

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Wardrobe Pieces you should be Investing On


I am the type of shopper where I think about where my money goes. I want to look fabulous but doesn’t wanna break the bank and be broke. So I splurge once in a while into shoes and handbags that I know will stay classy overtime and has good quality.

Why? most of the time you get what you pay for. And if you really want things to last long and will still be of good quality and remains classy. Those (shoes and handbags) are the 2 things you need to invest on.

On Shoes
If you are just Starting, get shoes and start with black. I always tell myself that you can never go wrong with black shoes, you can always pair them with anything and It stays classy and eventually Add different colors.

I am not a wealthy person who can afford to buy designer brands all the time but when I get a chance and have extra, I invest on those things that I know I love and will not go out of style. It also become my go-to outfit and style staples.

And because I used to buy a lot of shoes here and there and that are cheaper they usually don’t last long. Most of the time you’ll see the sides chipped of already. But if you are really into fashion and wants to change style every time. It will be practical to buy the average priced shoes and have every color and style you want.


If you will compare designer handbags to others, you can really say they are really in good quality and style usually last long. Like my Louis Vuitton speedy, it remains in style and goes pretty much with most of the outfit.

You don’t want to invest much money on clothing, Because when you wash them then their quality usually fades through time. Plus you don’t wanna be wearing the same clothes over and over. For myself, I just want them under $30. And with clothing you always want to be in style. I stand corrected by the way, you can also invest in good jeans.

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10 Free Things to do with your kids in the DMV this Summer

1. National Zoo – introduce then to different animals we have. They will definitely enjoy what they will see when they get to see those animals in person. They have Pandas there.

2. Smithsonian Museums – this is very educational for the whole family. Kids will enjoy what they will see.

3. National Park – can go picnic in the park and you get to have nice view of Washington, D.C. Around you.

4. Beach (Virginia beach and Ocean City) – take them to the beach, there are a lot of things to do there, they have boardwalks and everything. Virginia has dolphins, sometimes you’ll see them. The 2 most recent visit that we did, we saw them, oh my daughter was jumping for joy.

5. Live music at the Plaza (National Harbor) – on Fridays they usually have this free show. This is relaxing for the whole family, some kids was just dancing everywhere.

6. Family fitness (National Harbor) – there are free programs for the whole family, it is usually Wednesdays.

7. Jones Point Park – they have bike, jogging trail, basketball courts, playground, very clean and nice restroom, fishing area.

8. Stroll at The Old Town Alexandria – when I am in this area specially the King Street I feel like I am in Europe.

9. Rock Creek Park – this is a planetarium sponsored and they have a tour of night sky.

10. Kite Flying (Washington Monument) – take your kites with you and this is a big space for kite flyers. Or you can just watch those kit flyers there.

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Luray Caverns














If you are an adventurer , lover of nature and a photographer. Then this is a place to be for you your eyes and your lens will definitely enjoy all the views. A wonderful site when you’re around Virginia (Shenandoah Valley area). There are also other amazing views and places to go to after you visit the caverns.

In the cave You’ll get to see another wonderful creation Mother Nature has. Like in your mind you’ll ask how was this rocks formed. It was so gorgeous that you would want to just take pictures after pictures. When we went there it was September so it was already a little chilly but it wasn’t bad. In there, they also have guided tours and they will talk about the history of the cave and who discovered it.

Luray Caverns also have other attractions like the Car and Carriage Museum where you’ll get to see different cars they used back in the day and the Luray Valley Museum. They also have a gift shop to get yourself some souvenirs.

After your trip make sure to blow up one of your best picture because it’ll definitely a be good addition for your home decor.

Overall experience was great. 2 thumbs up, the whole family enjoyed. Not a common place where everybody have already seen it.

Photos taken by my husband.

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Tropical Print Pants

IMG_20150613_190504 IMG_20150613_190543 IMG_20150613_190558 IMG_20150613_190644I

Thank God I am feeling better now. For the past two days I have been trying to fight this head congestion and sore throat.

I am back on track for an outfit post. Feeling inspired of going to the beach in this hot weather so weari ng this tropical print pants was a good idea. I forgot to add a Margarita, i should have been holding that instead of the pocket book.

I also tied my hair and put in the side to give tou an idea of a hair style to beat the heat this summer.


Pants – Banana Republic (bought it last summer)

White shirt – Mossimo from Target

Shoes – Vinci Camuto

Bracelet – HM

Clutch bag – Mango (old)

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