National Air and Space Museum STEVEN F. UDVAR-HAZY CENTER

It was a gloomy day but that did not stop us to go visit this museum. My 5 year old daughter was so excited to see those airplanes and space shuttles. So After work we headed straight to the Museum.

Admission is free for all, parking fee is $15 but it is free after 4pm, you can also get a refund for parking if you are just dropping off.

They have a souvenir shop, vending machines for drinks and Mc Donald’s inside so you will not get hungry.

In the Museum, there were lot of things to do and to see. We got to see the airplanes used during the World War II. A lot of Nazi airplanes, trivia and facts about those planes and who flew them.

They also have those commercial planes exhibited there. Like the Concorde airplane, which was the fastest commercial plane, NASA space shuttles, rockets, the things that the astronauts had when they went in space. It was really educational for everybody.

IMAX theater, observation tower, flight simulators, free group tour around the facility are the other things to do.

We ran out of time because they were closing soon, we didn’t get the IMAX because it was 35-45 min long and my 21 month attention span is not that long. We tried the flight simulators, It was a nice ride, my 5 year enjoyed it. She really thought that she flew the space shuttle.

Flight simulators
Flight simulators


NASA Discovery Space shuttle
NASA Discovery Space shuttle


Adi entering one of the flight simulators
Adi entering one of the flight simulators
If you've seen one of the transformers movie you probably seen this.
If you’ve seen one of the transformers movie you probably seen this.


Overall, it was a nice educational trip for the whole family. My mom was with us too. She also enjoyed it.

You can also visit their website to plan your trip. Link below.

Enjoy your day trip to the museum.

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Animal Print Short Sleeve Shift Dress

NOV_4676 NOV_4677 NOV_4678 NOV_4679

I fell in love with this dress because it looks very fierce. Can be worn when going out with your girlfriends for a happy hour.


Dress – (Target)

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Pocket book – Mango (old)

Watch – Michael Kors

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Healthy Salad recipe

I just want to share my favorite salad recipe. I can never get tired of eating this. This gives me the fiber, anti oxidant for that I need for the day.

Spinach (vitamin A and vitamin C)
Mandarins (vitamin C)
Strawberry (antioxidant)
Feta cheese (good source of protein)
Brianna’s blush wine vinaigrette dressing

Clean eating diet

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Sunday OOTD 5-31-15

It was so gorgeous this Sunday that when I was planning what to wear for myself and the kids. I had to get some bright colors so that it will reflect good with the sunshine and you know with the heat it all goes well.

We went to Church first then went to the National Harbor to dine out as a family at Nando’s Peri-Peri then strolled a little bit.

Mom style
Dress – NY and Company
Sandals, sunglasses and accessories – F21
Handbag – Prada
Hat – Charlotte Russe

Kids style
Dress – HM (only $4.95)
Sandals and accessories – Target

Shirt – RL kids (it was originally white shirt also from HM but he spilled his juice on it)
Shorts – HM
Shoes – converse kids

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The Historic Powhatan Resort Williamsburg, VA

If you are not from my area, you probably don’t know what the DMV is. It is the abbreviation for tristate D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

There are a lot of nice places to go for families here. I will give you ideas to go to when you come visit the nations capital such as parks, beaches, museums, theme parks and a whole lot more.

Let me start with the Williamsburg, Va area which is about 3 hours drive from D.C.


We stayed in this resort for 4D3N and we really enjoyed it. That was last summer and we are planning to go back there this summer. The resort was very family friendly, staff was very accommodating and helpful. The resort itself is such a nice place with lots of activities in store for the whole family.

They have restaurant inside but since we have the car we just drive around the area and checked out what restaurants they have there. We also brought some groceries because the villa that we stayed in has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 2 living room.

It was through time share by the way. I truly recommend this for families with little kids.

Let the pictures tell you the story….

Wood painting for the whole family.
Wood painting for the whole family.
Picnic area
Picnic area
Indoor pool.
Indoor pool.
The villa we stayed in.
The villa we stayed in.


Game room
Game room
Glass painting activities
Glass painting activities
Badminton court
Badminton court
Fitness center
Fitness center
Outdoor pool
Outdoor pool
Mini golf
Mini golf
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Nowadays people always carry their cellphones, tablets and it is becoming our daily companion. We tend to use these gadgets on everything. All the information you need to know is in just one click of a button. These things making our life so convenient.

What we do not realize is that since these things has become a part of our daily life. We become so dependent on them. We start to feel that we can’t live without them. Which is why Sometimes we need to unplug from these things.

Especially if you are into a lot of social media network. We are becoming unsociable in a sense that when we are with family and friends most of the people will be on their phones or tablets, smiling by themselves. Instead of smiling with the people around them.

Technology is not bad. It actually makes everything easier for us. But you still got to remember “to little or too much of anything is not good.

Specially when you are with your love ones. Give them your precious time.

I myself is trying to unplug. I use to be addicted to Facebook and Instagram that I cannot keep up a good conversation with my family because I kept on browsing on those sites.

This is actually keeping a healthy relationship with everybody.

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3 Ways to wear your Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Target. Had it 8 months ago.


Work clothes

NOV_4755 NOV_4709

I just had to add this White blazer, light pink pumps, necklace and this handbag and bam! It is an instant work outfit.

Date Night Outfit

NOV_4752 NOV_4748 NOV_4747

Converting it to a night outfit I just had to put on red clutch bag, necklace and pumps. You know red and black looks good together specially at night.

Casual wear

NOV_4743 NOV_4738
Running errands, or just going to the mall, hanging out with family and friends. I just had to put on this gold sandals and gold clutch.

(work clothes)
Blazer: Banana Republic
Pumps: Vinci Camuto
Handbag: Furla
Necklace: F21
Sunglasses: coach

(Date night)
Necklace and ring: HM
Clutch: Payless shoe source
Watch: Michael kors
Pumps: Guess

(Casual wear)
Clutch: HM
Sandals (Kenneth Cole reaction): TJMaxx
Bracelets: Charlottle Russ (currently on sale 2 sets for $10.

Photgraphed by: Job Novel Cabangon

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Simple and free Exercises to do at home

It is almost summer but it is never too late to start your exercise either just to be fit or to trim down. You shouldn’t be doing exercises for summer only anyway. It should be all year round.

Let me share to you some of the exercises that I do at home just to keep me moving. It is free and easy and it’ll make you sweat.

1. Zumba (using YouTube) if you do not have time to go to the gym, or if you just want to do it by yourself and does not want to spend money on membership. Whatever you reason maybe this Zumba dances will surely make you sweat.
Follow this link on YouTube

2. Brisk walking either in your own yard or in your neighborhood. this is a good cardio exercises specially for those people who cannot do strenuous activities.

3. Walking your dog (this is also kind of like brisk walking) so if you have a pet dog, this will also be a good exercises for both of you, your bonding. It improves your mood and blood circulation.

4. Download a free workout plan to follow.

I hope I inspired you.
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Memorial Day inspired outfit

Since on this day we are remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. And many people visit the cemeteries and putting flags on each grave.

My outfit signifies the color of the American flag to honor those who served.


Top and clutch – HM
Pants – Forvere21
Watch – Michael kors
Shoes – Guess
Sunglasses – Burberry

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Home remedies for sprain, muscle strain or muscle overuse.

Strain in the muscles or sprained ligaments or just because of overuse of your muscles are all soft tissue injuries.

Why did I want to talk about this?

Because of my profession, I have always been asked by my friends what to do if they get injured.

If you think it was just a simple injury you can do this PRICE technique.. But if symptoms persists after 24 hours you have to consult with your doctor.

P – protection (stay away from hazards)
R – rest (you have to refrain from moving the part injured if it is in pain)
I – ice (use this for the first 24 hours and then use heat or moist pack after 24 hours, this helps to decrease swelling)
C – compression (wrap it with elastic bandage, this decrease the swelling)
E – elevation (elevate the part to also decrease the swelling above the level of the heart)

I hope this helps as a first aid. Since I know that the weather is getting warmer and there will be a lot of you wanting to do outdoor activities. That being said means being prone to injury.

May you all have wonderful day and be safe when participating in physical activities.

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