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Denim top and denim shoes
Denim top and denim shoes

NOV_1543 NOV_1546 NOV_1548 NOV_1550 NOV_1551 NOV_1555TOP c/o DRESSLINK




Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was okay, we attended a birthday party, it was fun. But then that evening both me and my son started not feeling well. I caught a cold and he had a fever so Sunday after church was just rest, we took a long.

With the outfit, I received this top (supposed to be a shirt dress from dresslink) It was so short for me so I ended up styling it tied at the end. and thought of pairing it with my denim shoes and white jeans to make this whole combo chic. what do you think? This can be a Spring/Summer style right?

Now, to the most exciting part…. The giveaway. I am just so thankful that on April 17th, I will be celebrating my 1st year in blogging. It is a struggle I tell you, but if you really love what you do, nothing can stop you right?

Please enter below. This giveaway runs from April 11- 25th, 2016 midnight CST.

Louis Vuitton + Designer Sunglasses + Gold iPad Mini

May all of you have a wonderful week ahead. Thank you for stopping by and for all your sweet comments



Photos: Novel

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70’s Look Revived

detailed sleeves

NOV_1557 NOV_1558 NOV_1560 NOV_1563 NOV_1565 NOV_1568

TOP c/o Dresslink




SUNNIES c/o SHOPDITTO use code SIMPLYCHRISTIANNE to get 1st month free

Happy Friday lovelies! Any exciting plans this weekend? I will be attending my friends son’s 1st birthday celebration. I will help out to decorate the venue, that is exciting and fun. Back to the outfit, Today I am sharing this 70’s look revived with this white top that has gorgeous sleeves. I paired it with this Flared jeans (as worn here) and my mustard colored sandals that I have for years. I would also pair it with this sandals or this one to make it really a 70’s style perfect.

This bag and this one too will also be a good fit for the whole outfit style. There are just a lot of styles to choose from to re create this whole look. I hope this outfit was able to help you out get an outfit idea.

I am also excited to announce that I will be having a Blog giveaway on Monday April 11 so stay tuned as I will be celebrating my 1st year of blogging. I am just so happy and thankful that I have learned a lot of things by doing these and to get to know the nicest people in the digital world.

May all of you have a blessed and wonderful weekend and thank you stopping by and for all your sweet comments.




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Bell Sleeve Top

NOV_1447 NOV_1446 NOV_1445 NOV_1443 NOV_1442 NOV_1441 NOV_1440 NOV_1438 NOV_1437

Belle Sleeve Top  under $30

Armani Jeans (old) similar here

Jimmy Choo Heels (old) similar here

DKNY bag (old) similar here

Necklace (old) similar here

Watch c/0 aibiwatch

Sunglasses Rayban

Good morning and Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed mine because we had relatives coming over from NY to see the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. There was barely cherry blossoms left due to strong winds and rain we had 2 days prior. Most of them are green leaves already… sigh… How did you spend your weekend?

So going back to my outfit. I actually did not see this Bell Sleeve top when I was shopping, I only saw it right after returning some of the clothes I didn’t from the fitting room. It was love at first sight! I tried it and I liked it so much. Since it is a midriff top I paired it with one of my High waist Jeans. I don’t like showing of a lot of skin when I am not in the beach, you all know what I mean. Very minimalist style I should stay here. I just added my red necklace to add some color to this outfit.

This top will also look good in a denim overall (as worn here) or with this overall or with a high waist denim skirt. There are a lot of beautiful looks you can create with this top. This is one of the 70’s style I totally adore this season. What are your favorite style this season? Let me know from all your comments. I hope I was able to give a pretty outfit inspiration for all of you.

May all of you have a joyful and fabulous week ahead and thank you for stopping by and for all of your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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March Outfit Roundup

Hello Lovelies! Happy 1st day of April and Friday to all of you? Anything exciting going on this weekend for you? As for me, we will be with family and friends just for a mini get together.

I have summed up all the best of March 2016. This is my first time doing this. If you have noticed, I have changed the image of my website and also I do believe that I have created a much better image and content this past month. What are your thoughts?

I also have another questions to ask. I noticed that when I open my site to an ios server all of my pictures are sideways? Do you know How to fix it?  Only on the ios, it works fine with all other server like androids. Please help…. all the tech and fashion savvy ladies… 

So back to my insta round up. Since I have noticed that I have created a lot of good post in March here are the summary in case you missed it. specially if you are new on my blog (new kids on the blog)  trying to be funny..

NOV_1342ROMPER/ SUNNIES/ HANDBAG (mini version here)/ SHOES (I also love this one and this one

I really love this romper as it is so cute and comfy. Perfect for Spring as it has florals on it and long sleeves in case you arms gets chilly.


Easy casual look on this one, this outfit is just plain and simple. I just love the texture of both the cardigan and the white tee.



I so love this dress because of the stretched fabric and plus it is only $20. I have worn it with converse shoes too to change to look and took the jacket of. I really love blue, it is actually my favorite color. NOV_1190


I really love this dress, it is under $25 but is very stylish and good quality material. I always add contrast to the colors of my outfit that is why i paired it with neutral tones for my shoes and jacket. Great outfit for everywhere.

wearing my favorite booties again
wearing my favorite booties again

Just loving this whole look from when we went to Chicago.. I am so in love with these Booties!

NOV_1006 OFF SHOULDER TOP/ JEANS/ SHOES/ SUNNIES plus wearing my irresistible me hair extensions, I kinda miss my long hair sometimes.

This is the cutest top I was able to find, You can wear them anywhere but I believe this is a perfect top when you’re in the beach. do you agree?


KARINA DRESS (SIMILAR HERE) / SHOES no longer available

I really love this dress as it is very soft and easy to wash and wear. I really love the style and the length of the dress. NOV_0836


First time for me to wear an overall dress like this but I really love it. I liked the fit and style of it, worth the price and it is on sale!NOV_0710


This is another 70’s style that I like. I think every 10 years some styles just come back. I remember back then that I owned jeans like these when I was doing my internship.NOV_0675DRESS (SUPER SIMILAR HERE) and is under $20

Last but not the least is my favorite striped dress. It is so versatile that you can wear it day and night, for business or party.

So excited for this month as I will be celebrating my first year of blogging and to say thank you I will be having some blog giveaway so stay tuned.

May all of you have a wonderful and fab weekend! Thank you for stopping by and for all your sweet comments.



Photos: Novel

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Sudio Sweden – Designer Earphones

some of my everyday essentials
some of my everyday essentials
you also get to choose an earphone for ios or android for even better quality! So cool!
I got Sudio Vasa Rose Gold in white
very chic leather case for the earphones. So love it!

NOV_1429 NOV_1434

NOV_1337 NOV_1340 NOV_1342 NOV_1344 NOV_1351NOV_1327NOV_1335NOV_1332NOV_1331NOV_1330




SHOES c/o AMICLUBWEAR (CURRENTLY only available at size 6) I also like this and this as they are very similar.


HANDBAG ANNE KLEIN (only available in mini satchel) you might like light Blue and yellow and black this is same size as my bag. 

Happy Wednesday lovelies! How is your week so far? I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Today, I am sharing this Swedish Premium Design earphones I received from Sudio Sweden. I am just so glad to have had a chance to have this in my life. I am not sure if I have shared with you all that music is my gasoline. It keeps me going everyday anywhere be it at work, at home or in the car. I cannot live without it. Specially while writing this blog post, since the kids are already asleep. I had to wear earphones so I won’t wake them up.

Discovering Sudio Sweden is just a blessing to my ears. It gives studio quality sound that is very important in an earphone. It has personalized in-ear sleeves with 4 different sizes so it really fits my ears. The packaging is so stylish and classy because of its Exclusive Leather case, Unique Minimalistic Designed Clip, Perfectly Developed “anti-tangle” Cable, Great in-Hand Quality Feeling. A lot of good things to brag about this product. It is sooooo worth the price I tell you.

So I am calling all music and fashion lover like me to check this product. My husband actually wanted to get it from me when he saw it, It really has good quality. I should get him the color black as it suits him. Another good thing about this, they always offer fast and free worldwide delivery. Ordered was made Monday and I received it Thursday. It was so fast to think it came from Europe.

So for those of you who would like to get this Sudio Sweden Designer Earphones. Use this promo code CHRISTIANNE15 to get 15% discount.

Have a wonderful day and stay fabulous! Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments. Please do share this to the people who you think will benefit from this post. I will gladly appreciate it.



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Simply Thankful

Spring Casual

Simply Thankful








Happy Easter Monday my lovely friends! I hope you all had a good one. I am just SIMPLY THANKFUL. Because I received the result of my mammogram and it was normal. 2 weeks ago I went to my gynecologist for my annual check up. I also asked her about the discharge I noticed coming out of my nipples. I was already about 2 weeks the I have noticed it prior to my annual visit. The doctor was concerned because It is not normal to have it at this point. She did the breast exam and she did not see any lump. She also checked my hormones, so I guess it was just because of that.

I was so scared when they were doing mammography on me. It was my first time and to think that there are a lot of young people having to deal with breast cancer. All of that is running through my mind that moment while waiting. a lot of what if’s. Not just breast cancer alone as I lost both my grandmothers from liver cancer and leukemia.

So I just wanna share this to all of you to increase your awareness and to make sure that you are doing your self breast examination. It is very important for us females to check it every so often. As I always do to, that is how I noticed something different. Early detection is very good and prevention is better than cure. Our body needs our love and care not only by dressing up good like what we all always do. But make sure the live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

May everyone have a wonderful week ahead and be blessed! I am just so excited today also as I have a date night with hubby. We are gonna watch Superman vs Batman 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and for all your sweet comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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7 Cool Things to do in the Spring


Shoes converse 

7 cool things to do in the spring
7 cool things to do in the spring

NOV_1146 NOV_1148 NOV_1150 NOV_1151 NOV_1155 NOV_1168

On Me:

Dress Old Navy (no longer available) similar here

Jacket HM (old) similar style here

Wedge Sandals (old) similar style here and here

Sunglasses Rayban

On Adi:

Dress Old Navy on Sale!

Jacket Target 

Sandals Famous Footwear on sale!

On Aidan:

Shirt Old Navy

Pants Carters (old)

Shoes converse

In the Spring weather starts to get warmer and it seems like everything is coming back to life. Tree and flowers starts blooming again. Spring used to be my favorite, but because of the allergies it brings to me because of the pollens. It is now my second favorite, first is Fall. I still love this season because We can start going outdoors and wear light sweaters. Colorful flowers everywhere to see, just seeing beautiful creations of God.

Go see the Cherry Blossoms – specially if you want to visit Washington, DC, now is the best time.

Go to an Indoor Water parks – in case you live in the area like mine where Spring is still to cold to go to the beach. But is you have a warmer weather in your area, hit the beach!

Visit a city you have never been before – check out other cities you’ve been wanting to go, they might have some spring festivals going on too.

Go biking – it is time to go out of the house, we have done a lot of hibernating in the winter. Best exercise also to start when working on your summer ready body. Good cardio workout too!

Go grilling at the backyard – host some spring get together with family and friends since weather is warming up a bit.

Redecorate your house – best time to change some of you decors or curtains and make your home vibrant to your eyes.

Refresh your wardrobe – it is time to put into storage all your winter coats and stuff and freshen up your closet with new sets of styles this spring/summer. Donate some of your clothes  that you are not wearing.

Enjoy Spring and Happy Easter to all who celebrates it like me. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by and for all your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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Brand of The Month: Shein



FLORAL DRESS  under $25








Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? I hope you are having a lovely day and weather like what we have here in Maryland. Today, I would like to talk about one of my favorite clothing line. If you have been following me on my blog. You will notice how many times I have posted outfits I got from Shein. Those blog post are not collaborations, I really bought them myself as I really love most of the clothes they sell.

Their clothes are very reasonable priced and stylish. Knowing me, I will invest my money more on bags, shoes than outfits as it keeps on changing every time. When I order from them, I usually get standard shipping which is 7-10 business days. I was disappointed on my very first order. I had to cancel it because it was taking forever. The reason was, it was the holiday and the items are coming from China. So I kinda understand it, so better make sure the items you are ordering are in the US for faster shipping and if you really love the items but they are in China. Just pay for fast shipping then.

As for the sizes, they run small. So better order one size up, but what I do is that I usually try to look on outfits who have reviews as they indicate there their weight, height and sometimes they have pictures. I really helps me a lot on deciding if that outfit is a buy.

That is the very reason why I don’t get tired buying clothes from them. This is Floral Maxi Dress is the very first gift I got from them as a blogger. I really cherish it, finally I got something free from the brand that I really love.

I hope I was able to help you decide if you can trust this clothing line or not. Or if you haven’t tried them, now is the time that you should because they have new arrivals that I am really obsessed with. Check out the links below for my current obsessions.

Split Shift Dress

Stripe Dress

Off shoulder Stripe

Long Sleeve Lapel Blouse

May you all have a great day and thank you for stopping by and for all your comments!



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Spring Floral Maxi Dress

Shein Floral Maxi dress

NOV_1182 NOV_1178 NOV_1176 NOV_1173 NOV_1191

SPRING FLORAL MAXI DRESS c/o shein under $25

SHOES c/o amiclubwear under $15 but very stylish and comfy!

BAG (old)

SUNGLASSES Burberry (old) similar style here 

JACKET Guess (old) similar style here

Happy Monday lovelies! How was your first day of spring? mine, we spent it at church for Palm Sunday celebration. Since it is officially spring, even though we did not have a Spring type of weather yesterday. Seeing those beautiful flowers blooming everywhere still brought joy to me. So I will be sharing with you this perfect Spring Maxi dress I received from Shein. I have been eyeing for this dress for a long time and so when they asked me to choose from their site. I chose this right away without hesitations and I was right.

This is below $25 but has very good quality material and very soft texture. it is actually thick, that is why I really love shein. If you have been following me on my blog. You probably noticed how many Shein

outfits I have posted since I started my blog. I am also obsessed with this and this and this.… I just can’t get enough.

Since the dress is in a darker shade, to tame the whole look I chose to wear this Light taupe shoes , bag and moto jacket (as worn here). I always want to make contrast on the color combo that I am wearing. it just looks perfect to me that way. This outfit is just so perfect this season. This is what I call comfort and style look.

I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed week ahead. Some of you might be heading fro their Spring break vacation. Make sure to be safe and bring back fun memories. Thank you all for you comments and for stopping by.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)

SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress

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Off the Shoulder Ruffle Stripe top

NOV_0999 NOV_1006 NOV_1005 Feeling Fabulous with this Off the shoulder Ruffle stripe top NOV_0991 NOV_0989


TOP Asos (I like this one too!) (currently out of stock, sorry)

JEANS levi’s 

SHOES c/o Amiclubwear


CLUTCH Tjmaxx (old)

Happy Thursday my friends! I hope everyone is doing well. We have been lucky to have a warm weather this week. It gave me the vibes to wear this off shoulder top from asos. It is just making me feel fabulous and Spring break coming soon. This outfit is the best friend you ladies out there will need.

Christianne’s style means color combination. I got this Denim strappy heels to match the whole look specially the top. Just showing off different shades of blue. Aren’t those heels so stylish and trendy. When I saw it online it was love at first sight. Those heels can be matched to any outfit, super lovely this spring/summer season.

May all of you have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by and for all your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)


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