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Good morning my dear friends! Today I am joining shopstyle to on their Bloggers Give Back Campaign with Dress for Success.

I just wanna share to you this power outfit I am wearing right now. When I was a fresh grad and was looking for a job. I always see those corporate ladies wearing mostly shades of black and their heels. I also see confidence in them so in my mind, it is a strong outfit. So I told myself that when I go for an interview I should be wearing heels (any kind) and an outfit that has black (dress, slacks… anything black I must say). I added this trench coat because it looks very chic and professional. To me power outfit means success and you have to be professional to gain it.

I also wanna share my success story. To me, to where I am right now is already success and I know it doesn’t end here as we always strive to get better. I must say that everybody that we meet in life starting with our family and then friends and even detractors. Share a piece on how you mold yourself to be successful because as to my friends and family they help me with their guidance and encouragement, as to my detractors (we always have some in our life weather e like it or not) they always challenge our capabilities and then we find out how strong we are after overcoming it.

My Husband, is that person who is really empowers me. He is my better half and he always stands beside me. He is the one who always gives me confident. He will push me to do things I always think I can’t do but In the end i will realize I really can. He is always there supporting me. And you can tell by him being my photographer behind this blog. That really says something.

I hope you like my story of empowerment and I also wanna read other bloggers story of their success.

I also want to let you all know that in this post, l be contributing 10% of sales from my blog on Dec 8-9 to Dress for Success, and ShopStyle will match 100% of my contribution! For example: if I sell a $30 shirt during this time, I will donate $3 to DFS and shopstyle will match and also donate $3 to DFS. This Promotion runs from December 8th – 9th only and it is conducted in partnership with POPSUGAR Inc. and  Dress for Success. The donation amount (10% of net sales initiated through your ShopStyle-enabled links on my blog to Dress for Success, excluding discounts, taxes, shipping, returns). My maximum donation cap total contribution at 125% of your October daily earnings. For example, if in October I earned $10/day, my total contribution cap is $12.5.

SHOP BELOW: SAVE on these items

SHOP BELOW: SPLURGE on these items

Check out Shopstyle site for more info at www.shopstyle.com/blog/ShopStyle-Dress-Success-39257608 and Dress for Success: www.dressforsuccess.org

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May you all have a good day and please support this post and other bloggers joining this campaign. May you all have a wonderful day.



Photos: Novel (my better half)


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Ugly Sweater Party and DIY Tips








Sweater Forever 21, Black jeans old (similar here), Clutch (similar here), Rayban Sunglasses (another color here),  Totes Boots under $50

Hi friends! It is indeed a Happy Friday and only few more days ’til Christmas. Sharing this post is not my usual, it is not a typical stylish outfit. This can definitely be good Christmas Party Theme this Holiday season. It is fun because you get to wear something that is out of the ordinary. And you can even DIY your own outfit and use your creativity, be your own designer.

I bought this ugly sweater from Forever 21 because I want to join the contest at work for the Tackiest Sweater. I am not excited, am I? It is not until Dec 18 so I still have time to add more design on this sweater to make it the ugliest 🙂


Materials: Sweater, any ornaments or the like the item below, any Christmas design like raindeer, Christmas tree, elf  and a lot more whatever your creative mind can think or check this one from pinterest here for inspiration, you can even add a Christmas light or Ribbon and items like this, this and this.


May all of you have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.
Photos: Novel
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Cyber Monday



Happy Cyber Monday To all! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Sharing this look from Thanksgiving. Since it is Cyber Monday I am linking all the sale items for this outfit plus I have included some of my favorites from bloomingdales which is also currently on sale Take 25% off select regular- and sale-price items
Offer valid online only November 29-30.


Dress HM ON SALE (similar here, I also like this one here and another one here ALL ON SALE!), MK bag , Bracelet and ring c/o thepeachbox use the code tpb-simplychristianne to get 15% off, MK watch, Necklace and earrings c/o rocksbox, Boots (similar here and also look good with ankle boots here)

Most of the items here are some of the styles i have worn on my previous Blog posts.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and stopping by. May you have a wonderful week ahead! Do not forget to enter my OASAP GIVEAWAY.

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Oasap Wishlist

Oasap Wishlist
Hello Friends! How was your Thanksgiving week? I hope all of you had a good week. I just want to share this new online store that sells outfit that I like and is not pricey. Specially now we are all in a hunt to get ourselves holiday outfits and also gifts for someone who is dear to us. So here I added my wishlist from them that can be for you to have and wear this holiday and can also be a gift to somebody you know that is a fashionista like you. These items are all below $50 and most of them are on sale.
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Another Fall Casual






Happy Thanksgiving week! There are a lot of things that we need to be thankful for, right! Sharing this outfit I wore at church just wearing the typical striped long sleeved shirt from Target and paired it with this Faux leather Jacket from Guess plus the 2 beauties that I have been wearing a lot this Fall because they are comfortable and stylish. I had to add this pops of red again, just to brighten this style. That Scarf from HM was very warm, I love it!

SHOP THE LOOK: (all similar Items)

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All We Need Is Love







Hello friends, I hope you’re all having a good day. Sharing my outfit from last night dinner date with the whole family. Had some Indian food 🙂

Back to this outfit, I fell in love with this sweater from Gap because of the Heart print on it. It symbolizes love which we should be bragging about right now. And having a printed sweater is cool, it kinda shows your personality depending on what your prints says. Do you agree?

Since it is still fall, to me having a leopard print is a must so I wore those shoes and sunglasses. And with the holiday season coming soon, red is in so I paired it with my Red CK bag (old) and put on that beautiful necklace from rocksbox. If you want to try it, you’ll get 1 month free by using simplychristiannexoxo

I hope this outfit inspired you to feel the love and festive.  Have a wonderful day friends! Thank you for stopping by and taking time reading my blog.


Sweater – Gap (similar here and here you’ll love this one!), Jeans – Target (similar here), Bag – Tjmaxx (similar here), Shoes – Bloomingdales (similar here), Necklace c/o Rocksbox and Sunglasses – Plato’s Closet



Photos: Novel

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Blush Blouse








Good Morning my beautiful friends! sending love to all this Monday. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today, I just want to share this look that you haven’t see me wear on my previous blog post. I bought this chic Blush Blouse from HM and material was very soft to the skin. Let me tell you, I tried ironing  it but the material was so delicate that it marked a little bit on the sleeves (Not too obvious though). The thing is I was not reading the care instructions.

Honestly, I only know a few that checks it before they do anything with the clothes. Moral of the story: If you are not familiar with the clothing material, Please read the care instructions inside the clothes before you wash or iron it. You do not want to damage it specially if you are too eager to wear it right away like me.

So let me get back to the outfit. it was a beautiful 60 degrees outside but a bit windy so the blazer helped breaking the wind and when it calmed down then I decided to show off this beautiful blouse. I tell you, it is below $20 but it doesn’t look cheap, right? I wore this outfit attending a Christening buffet lunch but you can wear Any where. It is very versatile.

If you are inspired by this style, you can SHOP THE LOOK:

Blouse: HM (similar here and here), Blazer (similar here and here)

Jeans: Old (from HM)

Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar here)

Sunglasses: Burberry

Bag: Kate Spade (similar here)

Faux fur keychain 

Have a good day and great week ahead. Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments.




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Outfit Inspiration

Feeling Chic


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s outfit inspiration that I have on my mind are these beautiful      things. When I was creating this look, I feel like going to NYC for the weekend and be the streets my runway sashaying this stylish outfit. I have added pieces that might interest you below.
Turtle neck sweater: Marks and Spencer (similar Style splurge or save), Trench coat: Fashion drug (similar style splurge or save), Flared jeans: River Island bright (similar style splurge or save ), Shoes: Zara (similar style splurge or save), Necklace: Jcrew (similar style here and here), Bag: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Rayban

Have a good weekend everyone!



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Coziest Sweater








Happy Wednesday my dear friends! How was everybody’s weekend? Sharing this coziest sweater (I swear!) that I bought last week from HM which unfortunately I couldn’t find online but I found a (similar style here) which is in the same price range which you will also surely love. like I said, it was the coziest, I did not need to layer up. Just wearing it is already comfortable, the material is very soft it made me feel warm. I wore this for church and the temp was in the 50’s then. Can you imagine?

Shop the look:

Jeans: Levi’s 710 super skinny ( also worn here), Flats: Forever 21 ( similar style here), Sunglasses: Burberry (similar style here in burgundy), Bag: Prada (similar style here under $300) Necklace: HM

Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by.



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Good Morning and Happy Friday! T.G.I.F! Today I wanna talk about accessories as it really adds style to the simplest outfit you wear. Most of us just wear casual clothing everyday, something like a pair of jeans and T-shirt, or just a simple dress, but adding the right Necklace or putting on gorgeous pieces of earrings and rings. That automatically levels up your style and make you more fashionable not looking so ordinary.

Look at this outfit below.


my very set of rocksbox
my very set of rocksbox
wearing the Kendra Scott Necklace.

As you can see it is only a simple Grey Sweatshirt but by wearing this glam statement necklace, Now I don’t look ordinary and boring. It added life to my simplest outfit.

So in here I wanna share to all of you about Rocksbox.

It gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry – Get 3 pieces to wear on loan. Each piece is hand-selected for you based on your style and specific requests. Wear your pieces as much as you want!

I highly recommend it so you will not have to wear same jewelries all the time and you also have an option to buy them at discounted prices. Specially to all my fellow fashion bloggers as you will always have fresh and new items to feature on your posts.

I really Enjoy using rocksbox, because when you sign up you always get $10 to spend if you want to buy any jewelries and plus you can also get a code for you to share to 3 of your friends and earn $25 each referrals. I already earned some referral bonus and bought some jewelries from them without me using my own money. Isn’t that amazing?

It is easy to return the box and get a new one, they already have the return shipping label in the box and all you need to do is leave it in your mailbox for the mailman to pick it up. As for shipping, for me I always have to wait for a week counting from when I return the box up to when I get my next box. So if I return the box this Friday I will get my next box the following Friday. And Every time I receive the box in the mail. I feel like a child and excited what I will get when I open it.

You will have a wishlist as to guide your stylist what style you want. That means whatever is in it, most likely you will love it.

If you are curious about it. It is $19/month for unlimited jewelry rental but you can try it for free for a month by using this code SIMPLYCHRISTIANNEXOXO

You can always cancel anytime if you are not satisfied which I doubt.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!



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