first time running…

Let me share to all that I joined this Glowrun 5k this coming April 25, 2015 in DC at the RFK stadium. I’ve been really wanting to sign up for those type of events since I am into fitness and health. And I also know it is gonna be fun even though I’ll be sore and tired after. Well, it’ll be all worth it. So last week my co worker and I decided that we should practice first  just so to build endurance. So yesterday was the day.

We parked at Belle haven park in Alexandria, VA. From there up to the overpass on the Maryland side and back is a total of 5 miles.

So then we started, I felt like… oh well I haven’t done any running. I don’t think that I ‘ll survive this. I only do brisk walking when go to this trail with my daughter and husband. So my co worker and I started running and whew! We did a mile without resting. I didn’t know I will last that long. There goes the saying “you’ll never know unless you try.” That felt good. I did it! We did like 2.5 mile walk and 2.5 mile run. And I just want all of you to know the view here is so nice. You get to see the potomac river, the national harbor, DC monument and DC capitol.

So for any of you feeling they can’t do things. Try it first and see. we all have strengths inside us that we just don’t know.

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