Apple and Pumpkin Picking

Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking  ON ADI: T SHIRT SIMILAR HERE/JEANS/ CROCS SHOES 


Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking  Adi said she was very happy she was able to pick her own apples. Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking Apple and Pumpkin Picking When we went for apple picking it was the day after my birthday (mid September) and the weather was very nice that is why we were all wearing T-shirts here. For right now, since the weather is getting cold. This is one of my favorite looks from Fall last year. This (the picture below) is something I would wear for apple or pumpkin picking now because the weather is colder.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking


Apple and pumpkin picking are some of the fall activities we enjoy doing as a family during fall. It is fun for everyone and we all feel like a child when we do these things. Like right now, Aidan is really appreciating more of what we do because he can understand now more of what is happening around him. Another thing that I would suggest to do this fall is visit a place with a lot of foliage. If you live in the east coast like I do you probably have mountains like our Shenandoah Valley where you can enjoy the view and play with the foliage. This was our Foliage experience last year here

How about you? Do you have any fall activities that you do that you are always excited about during this time of the year? Please share on the comments below as I am always open to try new things and do it with my family.

Thank you for visiting my page and for all your comments. Happy weekend to all of you! In case You have topics you would want me to talk about feel free to let me know or email me directly here at



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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How to Survive Long Driving this Summer

How to Survive Long Driving this Summer DSC_2555 DSC_2556 DSC_2557






Just sharing with you all how I/we survived long driving this summer. As you all know, we went to Florida 3 weeks ago for that 4th of July week. So from Maryland to Orlando, Florida. It took us 16 hours to get there including some traffics we encountered and stop overs to those rest areas to get food and use the bathroom. I was only the passenger the whole time.

  1. Wear proper clothing – As you can see on my outfit, the simplest and comfiest clothing I can wear was shorts, T-shirt and super soft flip flops!! As if I am just at home, right? (make sure to check the weather to the destination you will be going too to see if you need extra layers)
  2. Bring you favorite play list, it will keep you up on the road.
  3. Bring in your cooler and store all your cold drinks to keep you hydrated and some fresh fruits like grapes, cherries… This will give you energy and will pump you up.
  4. Bring some pillow and blankets so you can position yourself comfortably inside the car.
  5. Use sun protectors for your car. The one that you put on the windshield and windows so your skin will not be on direct sunlight.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you all for stopping by and for all your sweet comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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Custom Phone Cases by Case App

Custom Phone Cases by Case App

Custom Phone case from 

NOV_3330 NOV_3329 NOV_3333 NOV_3327 Marble Phone cases available too

Happy Wednesday and Good morning lovelies! How was your First day of Summer? Isn’t this an exciting season specially for all the beach and pool lovers like me. Today, I am sharing with you this brand Case App if you are looking for Custom Phone cases by case app. You will be able to design your own phone cases. Just like the first picture that I have here. Since that outfit was one of my favorite to represent my simplychristianne blog that is why I chose that. Ever since then I have been getting other people’s attention asking me where I got my phone cases. They are really good quality and nice prints. Also if you are not a fan of custom made or personalized stuff, they also have other stylish phone cases like that marble phone case that I have. A lot of chic and stylish styles for you and your phone. You will be proud to flaunt it anywhere. They also have Custom Iphone Cases and Custom Laptop Skin. 

Please do visit and check out all their products. Also use discount code SIMPLY20 to get 20% off your purchase. Also check out their instagram  @caseapp

I hope you like this post and I am glad to be able to introduce to you this beautiful and High quality product.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your sweet comments. May you all have a wonderful day.




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7 Cool Things to do in the Spring


Shoes converse 

7 cool things to do in the spring
7 cool things to do in the spring

NOV_1146 NOV_1148 NOV_1150 NOV_1151 NOV_1155 NOV_1168

On Me:

Dress Old Navy (no longer available) similar here

Jacket HM (old) similar style here

Wedge Sandals (old) similar style here and here

Sunglasses Rayban

On Adi:

Dress Old Navy on Sale!

Jacket Target 

Sandals Famous Footwear on sale!

On Aidan:

Shirt Old Navy

Pants Carters (old)

Shoes converse

In the Spring weather starts to get warmer and it seems like everything is coming back to life. Tree and flowers starts blooming again. Spring used to be my favorite, but because of the allergies it brings to me because of the pollens. It is now my second favorite, first is Fall. I still love this season because We can start going outdoors and wear light sweaters. Colorful flowers everywhere to see, just seeing beautiful creations of God.

Go see the Cherry Blossoms – specially if you want to visit Washington, DC, now is the best time.

Go to an Indoor Water parks – in case you live in the area like mine where Spring is still to cold to go to the beach. But is you have a warmer weather in your area, hit the beach!

Visit a city you have never been before – check out other cities you’ve been wanting to go, they might have some spring festivals going on too.

Go biking – it is time to go out of the house, we have done a lot of hibernating in the winter. Best exercise also to start when working on your summer ready body. Good cardio workout too!

Go grilling at the backyard – host some spring get together with family and friends since weather is warming up a bit.

Redecorate your house – best time to change some of you decors or curtains and make your home vibrant to your eyes.

Refresh your wardrobe – it is time to put into storage all your winter coats and stuff and freshen up your closet with new sets of styles this spring/summer. Donate some of your clothes  that you are not wearing.

Enjoy Spring and Happy Easter to all who celebrates it like me. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by and for all your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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Workout Leggings

my dreamleggings

NOV_0349 NOV_0351 NOV_0350 NOV_0338 NOV_0341 NOV_0340


Happy Monday Lovelies! How was everybody’s weekend? I hope you all had a wonderful one. To start of this week, I am sharing you this workout leggings from dreamleggings. I have partnered with them to introduce a chic and comfy product that is available for those who wants beautiful printed leggings.

I was so happy with my choice of print. It is very colorful that in my mind it gives me more energy when I worked out. Not only it is so chic and is truly comfy that every movement you do is just like you are not wearing anything 🙂

Do check them out as they are having a Valentine’s sale which is 25% off everything online plus free shipping! I am confident that you will really love the product. And one more thing, that packaging was so nice and smells so good!

Thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a great week ahead.



Photos: Novel (my better half)


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Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Post Blizzard shots
I’m wearing my ever favorite Dolce Vita Boots and they are currently on sale

NOV_0305 NOV_0297

DETAILS: Stripe Blouse (similar HERE) / Coat (similar HEREJeans Forever 21 / Boots Dolce Vita currently on sale! / Bracelet c/o thepeachbox / LV speedy bag / Rayban Sunglasses

Happy Friday Lovelies! We only have another week to prepare for Valentine’s Day. I am sharing some tips on how to celebrate it in different ways that your love one will appreciate. Most of the romantic ideas here are based on my personal experiences and I know will help you on other ways to celebrate with your love one.

all of you might be thinking why I posted outfit post on this topic. I was thinking that this is just a simple casual look and plus it has red stripe which kinda reminded me of Heart’s day. I wore this outfit when we attended our friend’s daughter’s birthday party.

1.) Go to a place that is very memorable to you. For my husband and I it was the Manila Zoo because that is were we first met. Because there, you’ll be able to reminisce and will definitely have a good time talking about things that you both enjoy together.

2.) Take them to a caricature place where the artist can draw both of you a have it framed. Or if you are like me who can draw, make a portrait of your love one and it is really a keepsake that they will always see and remember.

3.) Set up a bonfire and make a hot drink or indoor with drink some wine for both of you while listening to your favorite music. My husband and I sometimes not only on Valentine’s will have a moment like this that we will just do a sweet dance with a background music. It is just so relaxing and romantic.

4.) Make a video compilation or a flipagram of both of you with all your fun and memorable pics and show it to them on Valentine’s day. If you have a smart tv it will be even better to show it to them over there on the big screen.

5.) Prepare breakfast with most of the food are like heart shapes. It will definitely put instant smile on your love ones faces.

I only put ideas here that are not expensive because the best things in life are mostly free and doesn’t have to be pricey.

I wish you all a happy weekend and thank you for stopping by and commenting.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)


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NOV_9555 NOV_9549 NOV_9546


Happy Friday! Today, I will start back to my workout routine as I have slacked during the holidays. It was really hard for me to keep up with my daily workout routine. As I was planning on packing things for our recent family vacation. And all the food that was there during the festivities.

This day, moving forward and as my goal for this year. I will be more active than I was last year. I must say that 2015 was really a great year for me being somewhat consistent with working out. Again, I will use my nike training App and S health from my android phone. I want to be toned and look very fit. Not only by exercising but also eating the right food and the right amount. Being fit makes me feel good. And I know that I am becoming a good example to my children as sometimes they will follow my workout routines, It becomes our bonding.

And to all the mommies like me. You know you also have to take care of you as how you take care of the whole family.

Let’s workout together and be fit! I know it is hard but all we can do is start.

Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments. Have a great weekend and if you live in the East coast like me. Be safe and stay warm.



Photos: Novel (My better Half)

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Becoming Our Lifestyle

Finally, I was able to be back on track as far as exercising. I have been doing a lot of cardio lately. I try to do it 5 days a week more on Zumba and elliptical. I have been wanting to do the nike training but it is not happening now. I believe it will be effective if I will get up really early when my kids are still sleeping and exercise. It it really is a dedication to achieve something. Right now, my husband and I still trying on different routines, since my mom left (she was really a big help).

As for my diet, I have been snacking healthy, I usually have Greek yogurt and whole grain crackers and quack mole. I have been eating brown rice with quinoa for my rice. I must say I have been eating healthy food. I do cheat too. And Like what I have been saying before, I signed up for this S health on my phone and there I input my food intake, water intake and it helps so I can keep track.

Working on making this a long term habit is still a work in progress. When you have kids, things change quite often. I just have to be flexible.

My measurements are still the same, since I have not been doing nike training. Like I said cardio is the main exercise I do so I kept my weight to 127 lbs. 1 more lb and then I reached my goal. But my ultimate goal is to lose inches. I want to be toned. That looks better, for me if I look better it makes me feel better.

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope I inspired you.



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first time running…

Let me share to all that I joined this Glowrun 5k this coming April 25, 2015 in DC at the RFK stadium. I’ve been really wanting to sign up for those type of events since I am into fitness and health. And I also know it is gonna be fun even though I’ll be sore and tired after. Well, it’ll be all worth it. So last week my co worker and I decided that we should practice first  just so to build endurance. So yesterday was the day.

We parked at Belle haven park in Alexandria, VA. From there up to the overpass on the Maryland side and back is a total of 5 miles.

So then we started, I felt like… oh well I haven’t done any running. I don’t think that I ‘ll survive this. I only do brisk walking when go to this trail with my daughter and husband. So my co worker and I started running and whew! We did a mile without resting. I didn’t know I will last that long. There goes the saying “you’ll never know unless you try.” That felt good. I did it! We did like 2.5 mile walk and 2.5 mile run. And I just want all of you to know the view here is so nice. You get to see the potomac river, the national harbor, DC monument and DC capitol.

So for any of you feeling they can’t do things. Try it first and see. we all have strengths inside us that we just don’t know.

So IMG_20150416_19344420150416_170906

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