Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening Event

Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening Event Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening Event Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening Event Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening Event  OUTFIT DETAILS:






Simple Casual Outfit at the Kneipp Store Opening EventI was so thrilled to share to you my first experience as blogger to attend an event. Also sharing my simple casual look at Kneipp Store Opening at the Pentagon Mall in Arlington, VA last week. As a blogger, you feel worthy when a company invites you to their store opening, right? It means they value you and what you have to say. Not only that, you I also get to know a good product to share to all of you and specially to all the people who lives in the DMV like I do.

In the event, I got to learn this new beauty and skincare product and got to try it and know more about their mission and vision as a company. It is a product of Germany and is making these natural products and concepts for health and well being. I like that they have good beauty products and what interests me is the stuff for wellness. As a PT I always deal with muscle and joint pain and they have products for those. I really loved them and used it already on my husband.

Another thing that I liked about them is their drive to fight against hunger. As you can see we were all wearing flower crowns here. There are 3 ways to help them with their campaign.

1.) Snap a photo wearing floral crown and post it on instagram of facebook with hashtag #kneippgrows  (every post means “grower start kits” are given to communities in need) I love it because you are not just giving them food and then when they consume then they will ask for help again but you are actually educating those communities to learn how to harvest them and be able to feed their families long term.

2.) Purchase Kneipp “soft in seconds” hand cream proceeds benefits AAH (action against hunger)

3.) Join and shop using Kneipp Loyalty program proceeds benefits AAH

I am so proud to be a part of this event and sharing good things of value for all of you. Visit

Have a nice day and Thank you for stopping by.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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Hair Styling Tools to Try Now

Hair Styling Tools to Try Now Hair Styling Tools to Try Now Hair Styling Tools to Try NowHAIR TOOLS c/o T3 MICRO



As you all may have noticed. I have been styling my hair differently and putting on some make up now. When I started blogging, most of the time I will just brush my hair, put some lipstick on and mascara then I am done. But now, I really work on  to complete the whole package on not just dressing up good but also looking good from head to toe. The most of it all is my crowning glory which is my hair. I noticed that this low maintenance hair style I created works good and it also makes my face look a little longer. I have always been insecure with the round shape of it when I use to do vtr’s. I have been approached to try this new product  T3 styling iron    I love it as it create this desirable curl and volume specially when I have photo shoots. It is very easy to use as the flat irons consistent heat silky and long lasting results for me. Unlike the previous flat iron that I use and it makes my thin hair even flatter and thinner.

To create some volume on my thin hair. I’ve tried this Featherweight i2 hair dryer and it is similar to most of the hair dryer to me but what I like is the comb that comes with it. It really do the work volumizing my hair. If you are looking for a change, give this product a try as it did work for me specially the flat iron.

How about you, brand do you trust to use on your hair?

I know this post is late but I was a bit busy lately. Thank you all for stopping by and for all your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)

Location: Courtyard by Marriott Annapolis, Maryland

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My New Facial Routine

My New Facial Routine

Zo skin Health facial products c/o Zo skin health

I don’t usually talk about beauty product much as I am not really religiously doing one. Are you shocked? Yes, it is a shocker. I used to use a lot of beauty products like cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Why used? Let me tell you about my story. When I got pregnant with Adi my first born. My sense of smell was so sensitive that even the brand of our rice we had to change because the smell of it makes me nauseous.

So that being said, I had to also stop everything that I was putting on my face. anything that is really close to my nose were I can smell it. So the whole time I was pregnant until recently. I was not really putting anything on my face. I just wash it with soap and water. I do facials every now and then but then they won’t usually ask me about my facial routine. Until I had a facial session on my birthday. The aesthetician I had was really concerned about my skin. She said I have a good skin so start I should start young to take care of it so I will thank myself when I get old. I do believe her, she did not sell me anything. She just recommended that I should I use a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer which I already do (I use nivea as my moisturizer).

That got me thinking a lot. I told myself, I am already 35 and I know my skin is aging so I really do need to take care of it. So maybe I summoned the need to try facial products and here came Zo skin health asking me to try their product. I already like them even before using it because I believe in Dr. Obaji’s skin regimen. I know a lot of people who uses his product and that are very satisfied. So I agreed to try and ever since then. I am using it now and happy about the results of it. I use the magnetight and it really did soften my skin. I also use the offects hydrating cleanser, ossential brightalive non-retinol as I have some facial discoloration and offects sulfur masque whenever I have breakouts. I do get skin breakouts every once in a while as I sleep late to do my blog. 

If you are in the hunt for trying out new skin products. This is my suggestions but of course results may vary. We all do not have same skin types or you may want to consult your dermatologist.

Have a great day y’all and thank you for visiting my blog and for all your comments.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)


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Stylish Halloween Look

Stylish Halloween Look Stylish Halloween LookSHOP THE LOOK: 




Stylish Halloween Look for fashion babes like me. If you are into fashion and style this is the type of Halloween look for you. I actually got this idea watching this on youtube. I tried as much as I can to make it look like the one on the video but hey. I am not a make up artist 🙂 and plus I really did not get the chance to get all the accessories he listed below. But honestly, I do believe I will be able to make it look like his work If I did have all the things I needed. What do you think about my make up skills here and my resourcefulness? I would love for you to give me a rating from 0-5 on make up skills.

Watch the link below to see how it is done and all the links to where to get the make ups and accessories are listed there too.

Jordan Liberty is such a talent! Fell in love with this one and to see more of him. Follow him on instagram at @jordanliberty.


I hope I was able to give you some last minute Halloween Ideas. Happy Monday and have a fantastic week ahead.



Photos: Novel (my better Half)

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Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am sharing you my review about this Jamberry Nail wraps that I received. This is an alternative to your regular nail polish if you are on a hunt of a cool and graphically designed nail glam. I actually have been hearing about this on my personal Facebook account from some friends who were inviting me to attend a Jamberry party. I was curious about it but never had a chance to go to one.

So I have gotten this product last Friday in the mail. I know that Cheryl (independent Jamberry Cosultant), She sent me the video on how to apply the wrap. I honestly only watched it like few minutes before I applied these first set of nail wraps on my finger nails. So, when I was watching I just found out that I had to have a set of things I need for the application. But most of the materials I do have and I just used my resourcefulness and used up my Hair dryer instead of their Jamberry dryer, Nail scissors (I used a regular smaller scissor), I also did not have  a cuticle oil.

Jamberry Nail Wrap, nail prep included inside. Pretty design perfect for Spring!

It took me about 15- 20 mins to apply the whole thing. The whole time I was doing it Adi kept on saying “mommy I love your nails!”

I know I did not do a good job with the application. I need more practice on this one, Just like with any other new things we need to do. It was honestly hard to use the scissor using the Left hand to trim the nail wraps on the Right finger nails. But hey, practice always makes perfect!


NOV_0663 NOV_0664

I have been wearing the Nail wraps for almost 3 days now and according to them it can last up to 2 weeks. Not bad right and of course it also depends on how you use it. For me I have done most of the house hold chores with it, you know Sunday mornings… like washing the dishes, bathed the kids… Not bad right.

I also tried taking it of the one on my left pinkie and it was easy then I put a new one on it. Overall, this is a very good product. There are lot of beautiful designs to choose from. Good quality material and they have the tools in their website for you if you want to start.

If you are planning to try it. Watch this video first and make sure who have the materials before you start. It’s not hard to find you just have to be prepared.

Please visit their website and you can contact one of their independent consultant. Do visit Ms. Cheryl Amenson site at to get assistance. You can also check out their website at 

I hope this was helpful and thank you for stopping. Have a wonderful week!



Photos by: Novel  (my better half )

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How to Care for your Curls


NOV_0283 NOV_0282 NOV_0281

DETAILS: ROBE color not available but HERE IN BLUE

Who does have curly hair like me? If you do or you know someone who is in a search for a better product to care for their curly hair. How to care for your curls? This Kerastase Oleo curl will surely help you enrich your curls. Such a great find!

If you have been following me on my blog or my instagram, You’d know I just cut my hair short, I mean really short. It is called “curly bob” which I honestly like. I haven’t had my hair this short because I always think it will just mess up my curls and it will make my face look big. But at the salon in Manila, Philippines before the new year’s eve. The stylist said try this curly bob to make your boring hair look fabulous. I asked for a picture to kinda give me an idea and I liked it. I was thinking at the back of my head that if this goes wrong. I can always use my irresistible me hair extensions. So after the stylist cut the hair, he then ask his apprentice to blow dry my hair a little bit and let and told her to put this cream on my damped hair. It was just a pea size on her palm.

I asked the lady what it was and she showed me the product. What really caught my attention was the fresh scent it has. It was Kerastase Oleo curl, it really defines curls, it makes your hair soft, it is not sticky or crusty and it really smells good! I highly recommend this product. You can also paired it with their shampoo.



I hope this post helps. Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments. Have a wonderful day!



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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Winter Beauty Essentials


This Dove Moisturizer is very good for you skin and is very mild specially if you have a sensitive skin.


I so love this St. Ives Healing lotion, it really keeps my skin hydrated and is truly ultra healing. This one that I have smells really good. NOV_8767

As for my hair care, I use this OGX Argan Oil, it also helps my hair stay smooth and oh it also smells good. NOV_8768

And to prevent chapped lips, I always use this Burts Bees Mango Lip Balm, I used to use the other brand but thank God I tried this. It really make my lips hydrated and soft all the time.

Winter Beauty Essentials

Hello beautiful friends! Today I am sharing to all of you my Winter beauty essentials. These products are not expensive but very effective and is  Highly recommended specially now that the weather starts to get colder and colder. I call them my winter gear and shield to the harsh winter weather and to maintain my youthful skin.

Can you make a guess on my age?

Just reminding everyone to always take care of your skin as it is the reflection of you and always drink plenty of water. I must admit I am not good with this but I always try.

May all of you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.



Photos: Novel


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