Lace Mesh Dress to Impress

Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to Impress Lace Mesh Dress to ImpressOUTFIT DETAILS:




How is everybody doing on this hump day? I finally was able to upload these photos from the look I had when I attended my friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday. It was a special event for us Filipinos (just like sweet 16). I was also one of the performers in this birthday together with my husband as the lead guitarist of our band. I chose to wear this dress as I have love the mesh design and the details which is perfect for the event. The birthday theme was also a fairy tale land so wearing this was really appropriate.

I paired it with the block heeled sandals which was perfect because I lasted long without changing into flat shoes. You all know what I mean…. I was thinking of pairing it with a red shoe but I just want to add contrast to the red detail of the dress so I did not pursue. This dress is another fab find under $100 which I talked about on my previous post here.

I hope I was able to give some inspiration to you if you are thinking of what to wear in an event like a special birthday celebration.  Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by. Sorry for the late post, I usually post early in the morning but the past few nights I was giving all my time with the family on movie nights, sixflags and a lot of outdoor stuff.

Lace Mesh Dress to Impress



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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  1. I had no idea that you and your husband are in band, how cool is that?!? I also didn’t know that turning 18 is a huge celebration in the Filipino culture, I learned something new today! You look absolutely beautiful, I love the details in this dress! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. it is just a band that our friends started. we only perform on our friends special occasions. And yeah that is how we celebrate adulthood in the Philippines. Thanks beauty! xo

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