Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog? Why Do I Blog? Why Do I Blog? Why Do I Blog?Why Do I Blog?OUTFIT DETAILS:






It will be my second year in blogging on Monday April 17. That is when I wrote my first blog post. I haven’t thought I will keep going. Why do I blog? Just a refresher for those who just started following me through this journey. It has always been my dream to be a runway model, but of course it did not happen. I will buy fashion magazines and copy how those models pose there and always dreaming of seeing myself in one of those print ads. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to see myself in the magazine. It was when cosmopolitan Philippines advertise that they were looking for real women in different shapes and sizes to post for them, just send pictures.

Let me tell you, I always dream of those things but my self esteem was really low. I always think of myself as not pretty that is why nobody notice me. And so when I received the call from the magazine asking me if I can post for them. I was in heaven telling myself is this real. It may be petty for some but for me it was already a dream come true. The only thing that gave me doubt was when they ask me if I was okay posing wearing swimsuit for their summer issue. It took me awhile before I can answer as I haven’t even worn a swimsuit in public not unless it was mandatory because it was a PE class. But the after a few thoughts, I told myself, hey!! this is it, then moment I’ve been waiting for so I said yes.

After that a lot of people who knows me noticed it they kinda acknowledge the fact that yes you can. That started me to realize that I really need to get out of my shell. I can do it and I just have to believe in myself. If that magazine is willing to post a picture of me it means I really do deserve it. I also thank my husband then my boyfriend who always give me the courage and boost my self esteem. Then that opened the door for me trying out VTR’s in the hopes of getting into commercials, attending Go sees to audition for one of the best clothing brand in the Philippines. I was not selected from all those efforts though.

Then I moved here in the US in 2008. I still love fashion, still buys magazine and get inspired by those models where I see wearing the prettiest clothes, traveling from places to places and just having the lifestyle that I have always dreamed of. Then instagram came into my life in 2014. I then started to see bloggers like hellofashionblog, lovelypepa, songofstyle and pinkpeonies. I was so inspired by them because  they are their own model of their own online fashion magazine (that is what I call fashion  blog). I told myself I can do that too. I know it was a lot of work but I think I can manage since my husband is a good photographer. I researched on how to start a blog and then from then it was trial and error. And here I am still blogging on things that I love and sharing it to all of you to give inspiration. As those models inspired me, I wanna be an inspiration to all of you too. I was getting questions on how I do this, how do I manage and it was so nice to know that there are people who look up to me and I give them inspiration.

I hope I was able to inspire you with this post that even if you don’t have that self esteem. It can change but you have to be surrounded with people that believes in you and that will uplift you. Those people who will support you with your hopes and dreams. Stay away from people who just says stop doing it because you can’t. Remember, if you can dream it, you can have it! So I challenge you to come out of the shell and spread your wings. Let me tell you, blogging is time consuming and a lot of work, but rewarding so you really don’t feel it much because you know you love what you are doing.

Have a lovely weekend to all of you and enjoy this wonderful Spring weather. Thank you for stopping by and for all you wonderful comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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  1. Hi Christianne… Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It says a lot when you’re able to keep blogging beyond six months (the average time most new blogs last these days). So making it to year number two is absolutely fabulous. I’m happy to be your IG buddy and glad that you’ve kept at blogging. I found the Stylecollective group thanks to you and now the world has a changed. LoL Keep on looking gorgeous ladyboss!

    Have a gorgeous weekend

    1. I am glad to hear that you are now my SC sister. I also saw your post that you have met with them. That is so nice. We are here for each other. Thank you for folowing along. xo

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