Introducing SkinnyMint Teatox

Today I am sharing you one of my new routine, Introducing SkinnyMint TeaTox. I just wanna inspire all you ladies out there specially the mommies like me who are trying to be a good example to their kids by living a healthy lifestyle. I am excited to share with you to meet skinnymint teatox.

Since the start of 2017, I told myself I wanna be better version of me and so I have been really trying my best to fit to my schedule to work out as I have talked about on this post. I have been trying to eat more healthy food and I have to have something to boost all the things I have been doing. So I added SkinnyMint Teatox to my lifestyle change. It helps kick that bloat, boost metabolism and reach your goals in just 28 days. It has this main ingredients: Green tea, Yerba Mate and Gurana. Introducing SkinnyMint Teatox  I started drinking their Morning Boost tea as a part of my breakfast, I had to let go of my coffee for now. and they have the Night Cleanse tea which You only drink every other night. Its main ingredients are: Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna Leaves and Psyllium husk. I am loving this as I really am a night time tea drinker if you will sometimes see it on my insta stories. Introducing SkinnyMint Teatox

Introducing SkinnyMint Teatox So far, I have been loving this because I feel more energetic in the morning and I really feel that it is cleansing my stomach. And in the evening, it soothes me and calms me so I have a good night sleep. Another thing I like about this tea is the all natural ingredient as I have using chemically processed food.

Introducing SkinnyMint Teatox


So if you want to upgrade your lifestyle and try something new. Go check it out HERE.

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Thank you Skinnymint for sponsoring this post. The content and opinions here are all my own. 


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  1. This brand sounds wonderful! I love that there’s one for both the morning and night. It’s been so hard to give up my coffee for the most part during pregnancy. I’ve cut back from one cup everyday to just drinking a cup twice a week; I don’t like decaf, but at least I know I’m fully capable of cutting back, so I may have to try something like this after giving birth! The flavors and ingredients sound so good for you, too! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



    1. yes they are and loving it so much. I also coudn’t believe myself that I can live without coffee and just plainky drink tea. Live the flavor, what I usally do is add lemon and honey. Thank you so much. you definitely have to try thia out after you give birth. Have a nice day lovely. xo

  2. I’ve tried this tea for two weeks and felt the energy in the morning to be active and at night I relax and sleep without difficulty. Plus I lost 3 kilos while having the teatox. I love it.

  3. So awesome! I have been wanting to try this one but wasn’t sure about other’s experience. I need a detox tea, so I’ll look more into this one 🙂

    -xoxo, Azanique

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