Stylish Sweaters from Winter to Spring

Stylish Sweaters from Winter to Spring
Have you all noticed that I am loving things girly lately? Let us not make winter dull and boring. Let’s put life into it by wearing some stylish sweaters where you can also add a coat on. Even though you see snow or trees without leaves. This chic styles like the bell sleeves, bows and ruffled sweaters make winter style fun.
There are a lot of styles you can create by pairing then with OTK’s, ankle boots, regular sneakers. These can also be worn with skirts and mostly with jeans. These styles has been in around for a while now and is still making a hit in the fashion scene. So be sure to have at least 1 or 2 of them. These items I tell, will come in handy specially when you are in a rush and just wanna wear something fabulous. Just the sweater alone is already a statement itself.
Also, they can be a transition outfits from winter to Spring. As all the colors you so here are on the light side. Have you tried any of these styles already? To get more inspiration on how to wear them check out these previous post I had here, here and here.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Thank you for stopping by.


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