Dreaming of Christmas

Dreaming of Christmas


                                  1. PAJAMA SET similar HERE 2. REINDEER SLIPPERS similar HERE 3. CHRISTMAS MOVIE 4. ROBE WITH EARS similar HERE  5. HOLIDAY SCENTED CANDLE 6. HOLIDAY EYE MASK similar HERE
Are you like me who is also excited for Christmas? Driving home earlier after hanging out with our family friends. We opened up the car window and smell Pines and it rally smells so good. It actually made me reminisce of all Happy moments we have this time of the year.
Sharing one fact about me. Growing up in the Philippines, it is the most wonderful time of the year for us and it is insane that we start decorating the start of BER months so it means it starts in SeptemBER. That is what I actually miss that is why I created this visual board of all things Christmas while watching a Christmas themed movie with a holiday scent after taking a shower and wearing all things Christmas themed cozy pj’s.
I am almost done decorating the inside of the house and tomorrow I will finish it up and also start decorating the front porch. I am also excited to get the kids their Christmas Pj’s, I actually wanna get a family set. I know it will be a Merry and cozy time of the year for our family and I wish the same for you.
How about you? Tell me something about you and how you celebrate Christmas. Did you also do Black Friday Shopping? I haven’t done that but I am really waiting for the Cyber Monday. I am in to a lot of online shopping lately. I no longer have patience waiting in line and you know how it is during Holidays.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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