Thankful and Grateful

Thankful and Grateful Thankful and Grateful Thankful and Grateful Thankful and Grateful Thankful and GratefulSHOP THE LOOK:

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Tomorrow is already Thanksgiving day. I just wanna share to all of you all the things that I am thankful and grateful in life.

I am thankful and grateful…..

For having my little family that makes my life so much fun, it is not easy but we make it work and be happy at the end of the day.

For all things in life be it good or bad. Why? Let me start with bad.. Bad things happens to me because it makes me realize the worth of things in life and it makes me stronger with the challenges it gives me. Good.. Because those are the things that gives me joy and happiness.

For being able to help other in my own ways be it my family, friend, co workers, my patients who get better after their therapy program and other people, being able to change lives in a good way.

and Lastly,

For being able to share my other passion in life and for all your support in making it happen.

I am a very thankful and grateful person. As I have seen both the good and bad aspects in life. I tell you, I have seen it all. It was funny, at work we were talking about things like this at work. Two of my co workers were telling me how positive I am in life and they wanna be like that because they said they know they always whine and complain about a lot of things. They were asking me how do I do that. I just told them, well, I came from a third world country and being in a first world country. I am just thankful and grateful being here were I don’t usually see a lot of poverty which separates families, a lot of people can afford to eat 3 times a day and things like that. There are just a lot of things to be thankful and grateful and those things I have mentioned are just some of them.

I apologize if I was so serious on the above sentences and here on a lighter note 🙂

My outfit! It is just about layering and how I added that block cape to make me feel warm and make it a perfect layering look. I have paired the grey OTK as it is a neutral color and plus my sweater is grey too. If you know me by now you can tell I love matching my outfit. I also used my favorite Zac Posen handbag which I carry most of the time these day. Just about right size, not too small and not to big.

May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day to celebrate with your love ones. Happy Shopping too!

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Photos: (my better half)


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