NYFW Inspired Style

NYFW Inspired Style
I have always dreamed of attending NYFW and you know what I mean. If you are reading this post, you are like me who loves fashion. You always want to get to know all the new trends coming for the new season and be able to keep up. There is always a feeling of wanting to dress up and get to express our fashion sense more.
I do believe that attending fashion weeks are just like attending a grand ballroom. Where you put all your best outfits in your suitcases to showcase you best looks of the week. Wanting to be recognized too by the industry to be featured in some of the fashion magazines.
Enough said, If you get to go. I would be really splurging in to my outfit and bring my best look. I would love to wear this style as most of my readers notice. I love to wear dress and this one got my attention, It is a great transition look from summer to fall and I truly adore the boots and the Chloe bag. To make the style more catchy and trendy, I added this circular sunglasses.
How about you? What would be your style if you have given a chance to attended and if you are already attending one, Please out on the link to your outfit and I will be glad to give it a like and a comment be it on your blog or whatever social media you have posted it.
Happy Monday to all and cheers to this week as this is my birthday week. I cannot believe I am already in the mid 30’s!!


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  1. How exciting that it’s your birthday week!? What day? NYFW is definitely an inspiring time. I’ve been going for a few years now and the energy is even more intense and fast paced than usual in NYC! This exact outfit you’ve put together would be a perfect look to wear for the occasion! It’s VERY NYC and the print on the dress and other elements add a special element for the event; you have such great style, beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



    1. thank you so much dear. i really would love to go someday. if ever I will go to NYC. i would love to meet with you in person. Have a nice day. xo

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