How to Survive Long Driving this Summer

How to Survive Long Driving this Summer DSC_2555 DSC_2556 DSC_2557






Just sharing with you all how I/we survived long driving this summer. As you all know, we went to Florida 3 weeks ago for that 4th of July week. So from Maryland to Orlando, Florida. It took us 16 hours to get there including some traffics we encountered and stop overs to those rest areas to get food and use the bathroom. I was only the passenger the whole time.

  1. Wear proper clothing – As you can see on my outfit, the simplest and comfiest clothing I can wear was shorts, T-shirt and super soft flip flops!! As if I am just at home, right? (make sure to check the weather to the destination you will be going too to see if you need extra layers)
  2. Bring you favorite play list, it will keep you up on the road.
  3. Bring in your cooler and store all your cold drinks to keep you hydrated and some fresh fruits like grapes, cherries… This will give you energy and will pump you up.
  4. Bring some pillow and blankets so you can position yourself comfortably inside the car.
  5. Use sun protectors for your car. The one that you put on the windshield and windows so your skin will not be on direct sunlight.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you all for stopping by and for all your sweet comments.



Photos: Novel (my better half)

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  1. These are such great tips, beautiful! The most I’ve ever ridden in a car was about 6hrs or so to Lake Placid, NY. I’m closer to the Manhattan, so it was a LONG trip for me, haha! We’ve thought about driving to Florida, since we have some family there, if we do, these tips would definitely be helpful for us because we’ve never driven that long! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, I love your shirt, by the way! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



    1. You will definitely like it. he first long drive we took to go to Florida was 7 years ago and it was March so still cold here in MD and every state going south, we had to take a jacket or sweater off, it was fun. From cold to warm transition. So fun! Glad it was a helpful post. Have a nice weekend love. Xo

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