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FLORAL DRESS  under $25








Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? I hope you are having a lovely day and weather like what we have here in Maryland. Today, I would like to talk about one of my favorite clothing line. If you have been following me on my blog. You will notice how many times I have posted outfits I got from Shein. Those blog post are not collaborations, I really bought them myself as I really love most of the clothes they sell.

Their clothes are very reasonable priced and stylish. Knowing me, I will invest my money more on bags, shoes than outfits as it keeps on changing every time. When I order from them, I usually get standard shipping which is 7-10 business days. I was disappointed on my very first order. I had to cancel it because it was taking forever. The reason was, it was the holiday and the items are coming from China. So I kinda understand it, so better make sure the items you are ordering are in the US for faster shipping and if you really love the items but they are in China. Just pay for fast shipping then.

As for the sizes, they run small. So better order one size up, but what I do is that I usually try to look on outfits who have reviews as they indicate there their weight, height and sometimes they have pictures. I really helps me a lot on deciding if that outfit is a buy.

That is the very reason why I don’t get tired buying clothes from them. This is Floral Maxi Dress is the very first gift I got from them as a blogger. I really cherish it, finally I got something free from the brand that I really love.

I hope I was able to help you decide if you can trust this clothing line or not. Or if you haven’t tried them, now is the time that you should because they have new arrivals that I am really obsessed with. Check out the links below for my current obsessions.

Split Shift Dress

Stripe Dress

Off shoulder Stripe

Long Sleeve Lapel Blouse

May you all have a great day and thank you for stopping by and for all your comments!



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  1. I love all of the looks here, Christianne, and this post was VERY helpful because I’ve read so many mixed reviews.It looks as though all the pieces you’ve gotten from them fit really well and look good. I’ve read some people saying that they didn’t receive the items that were pictured, as well as having to wait a long time to receive their piece. I didn’t know they have pieces that are both made here and in China, is there a selection for that on their site? Thanks again and I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far, beautiful!



    1. I think they are all made in China. But you will see on some pics saying stock in the US. If you choose that then you’ll receive the product sooner. I think it comes from NJ and I am from MD so close that is why i can get it fast. I hope that helps. Xo

  2. Shein is a godsend and you certainly doing all their pieces great justice, Christianne, you look amazing in all these pictures.

    Speaking of looking so gorgeous, I have a link-up going on called Project Sister Act which is all about style being ageless, and that the notion of age-appropriate dressing is pure rubbish. So if you have a second to spare, I’d love for you to come over, Christianne xoxo

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