Ciao, Italia! Merci, Paris! 2

Day 3: Venice.

We woke up early to catch the train. It was uncle Jo and his girlfriend and Brendel’s turn to tour us.  From Modena to Venice was 2 hour train ride each way. It was a nice ride since you get to see the scenery. And as we fast approach Venice. I really could’t believe that I am here now. The one place that I always imagine I will visit but seem to be impossible. But there I was, with my family. Such a blessing!

I should say that this is a very romantic place for me. Oh,I fell in love right away! I would love to go back and stay here for few days with just my husband. Every thing that you see was lovely! I thank the Lord for letting me see this place. I must say too that Italians are nice people.

As we look at the map to get to Saint Mark’s Square, all we know is that we all had to walk for us to be able to enjoy the view and every thing. taking nice photos nice Italian architecture.

NOV_8739 NOV_8802 NOV_8782

Got me some souvenirs..
Got me some souvenirs..
speed boat ride.
speed boat ride.

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The Grand Canal.
The Grand Canal.


Uncle Jo, Arlene and Brendel.
Uncle Jo, Arlene and Brendel.

How long did we get to St. Mark’s Square? I’m not sure… Hats off to uncle Jo and my husband for they had to push the strollers, take note we had two because Brendel also needed one. He was only 2 years old. And mind you, stairs everywhere!!! As in 5 to 6 steps everywhere.

The kids were cool. They were playing with each other. Since it was spring. The weather was nice. We just had to give them a treat. Ice cream!! My daughter enjoyed chasing the dove’s too. Not too many tourist that day. This place was worth seeing for when you go to Italy.

Day 4 was rest day. We get to bond with the family the whole day since we were flying to Paris at night. They took us to the park and Downtown Modena. I will never get tired of this place. People are friendly, good food! everybody was laid back. I wonder if they were stressed at all…

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Day 5: Paris

We boarded another low cost carrier. RyanAir. Each passeneger were only allowed to have 1 hand carry and that was for free. Every extra baggage you have to pay. Since we were only staying for a day. We only had 1 hand carry each. It was a nice ride. Nice view from the plane going to Paris. Another downside of riding low cost carrier. We have to take a bus from the airport to get to Paris and it will be another hour ride. It was still worth it though. every experience I will count was an adventure. Still, my daughter was the best. She was just sleeping the whole time. Looks like she is getting used to travel. what a young jetsetter she is. So as when we were approaching the City of Light. Everybody in the bus was literally amazed by the stunning view of the Eiffel tower. It was already night time so we get to see the lights. Magnifico!!!

At the bus stop, we had to take a cab to the Hotel. I had to call the hotel as I could’t locate were we are exactly. The funny this was. He was asking where we were. I said Porte Maillot (por-te-may-liyot). He couldn’t get it. The he realized I was talking about (por-te-mayo) which was the correct pronunciation since it was French. lol!!

There was this one cab driver that was so rude and was charging us $20 up front. I was like, Are you gonna fool me? I was like I grew up from a third world country what are you talking about?! So we got another cab and he was fair. He only charged us what was on the meter which was $5. and we gave him $2 tip.

Checked in the hotel. It was like 10 minute walking distance to the Eiffel tower. Not bad!! We were also excited to meet My husband’s previous co worker back home. He was the one who gave us the tour of the city. We were only able to go to Ave Champ de Elysses, Arc de triomphe and eiffel tower. Like I side we did not have much time. I just inserted this Paris trip from our itinerary since we were already in Europe. Next time, baby!!

NOV_7159 NOV_7230 NOV_7235 NOV_7241 NOV_7406 NOV_7413 NOV_7414 NOV_7415 NOV_7428 NOV_7431 NOV_7442 NOV_7445 NOV_7446 NOV_7450 NOV_7458 NOV_7459 NOV_7465 NOV_7467 NOV_7468 NOV_7478

strolling the streets of Paris.
strolling the streets of Paris.
our hotel entrance.
our hotel entrance.

We met Maynard and His co worker her. He was based in Paris at that time. We got to ride their bus, train, taxi 🙂 Their food was good too. I must say though that Europe is very expensive. I will still choose to live here in the USA because of the cost of living.

Day 6: Milan

Milan was 2 hours train ride also from Modena. This time it was Uncle Fernan and Auntie Flora’s turn to be our tour guide. The best thing about all this tour, Our tour guide was the one paying for everything. Wasn’t that cool!!

Even though Milan is a City. If you will compare it to the other busy city of Hongkong, Manila, New York, Kuala Lumpur. I still felt that they were still laid back. People were not pushing each other in the subway station even if it was rush hour. everybody was taking their sweet time walking… moving. Maybe they office hours are flexible? I don’t know….

In this city, as a Catholic, we went to visit the Duomo Milan, We kneelled and pray thanking God for all the blessings! We went to the nearby mall. It was so elegant, all the luxurious brand was there. Of course I only did window shopping. Gucci, Louis Vuitton….. We also ate in one of their buffet places. my goodness! it was expensive!

NOV_7577 NOV_7578 NOV_7708 NOV_7710 NOV_7715 NOV_7719 NOV_7723 NOV_7724 NOV_7726 NOV_7728 NOV_7734 NOV_7740 NOV_7743 NOV_7757 NOV_7759 NOV_7761 NOV_7766

This shot was a memorable one for my husband. It was terrifying. There were a group of people outside the church offered my husband they'll take my hsuband's pic. So my husband handed the camera, the guy took the photo and ask for $20 so he'll return my hubby's camera. What a thief!!
This shot was a memorable one for my husband. It was terrifying. There were a group of people outside the church offered my husband they’ll take my hsuband’s pic. So my husband handed the camera, the guy took the photo and ask for $20 so he’ll return my hubby’s camera. What a thief!!


Day 7: Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It was Uncle Ruel and Uncle Emil’s with their kids who’s turn to give us a tour, That was 2 hour drive from Modena. Again, we get to enjoy the scenic views…. We bought a lot of souvenirs here from the sidewalk. Gorgeous place!!!

NOV_7902 NOV_7907 NOV_7908 NOV_7918 NOV_7924 NOV_7938 NOV_7947 NOV_7956 NOV_7963 NOV_8008 NOV_8026 NOV_8027 NOV_8028 NOV_8034

Day 8 Adi’s First Birthday celebration.

They all chipped in for this whole thing to be a success. We celebrated it at one of the buffet places there. It was all family only. Then there was an after party at Uncle Amante’s place.

NOV_8379 NOV_8380 NOV_8386 NOV_8428 NOV_8565 NOV_8573 NOV_8717 NOV_8723NOV_8396 NOV_8411 NOV_8431 NOV_8438 NOV_8449 NOV_8465 NOV_8466 NOV_8557 NOV_8619

Day 9: off to the airport heading back to Maryland.

If our relatives will be reading this blog….

We really appreciate all of you and your hospitality. We never felt that we were a burden to you. We felt all the sincerity in every way you showed us all throughout our stay. May God continue to bless you all. FYI, they just visited us here in the US last year just one family thought with Auntie Phening. They also enjoyed their stay here in the USA, as a matter of fact. It was Auntie Phening’s 3rd visit already.

If any of you given a chance to travel. Visit these countries. You’ll definitely enjoy here!!!

Safe travels everyone. Good night. Tomorrow might talk about health and fitness…

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